GTR Aluminium has a most modern tool shop capable of producing high quality and intricate dies backed up by an international quality billet casting facility. GTR Aluminium is a forerunner in installing several technological and modern equipments in order to obtain high quality profiles. GTR Aluminium has the most modern melting and holding furnaces.


GTR Aluminium carries out the following steps to ensure defect free, high quality aluminium extrusions:

The alloy is instantly analyzed

The logs are homogenised prior to pre-heating them, in order to achieve superior quality, improved finish and uniform grain structure.

The dies and tooling’s used are manufactured by means of high quality

Ageing - thermal treatment is carried out using a high velocity air oven with precisely controlled temperature that results in uniform properties in the extruded aluminum profiles 

The dimensions of the extruded profiles are checked. The identification and traceability of the sections are also taken care of by imprinting the company logo on each package. 

Power House of Production

GTR Aluminium efficient operations are facilitated by some of the company’s highly qualified and experienced engineers and Technical experts.


Largest Number, Widest Range

GTR Aluminium provides fitting solutions for every conceivable need. With its portfolio of extruded profiles in different alloys, the requirement of every industry is catered to.